Founded in 2001, Jordan Pioneers Multimedia Production Company (JP) is a content-based production company located in Amman, Jordan. We blend the powerful images of multimedia with the rich knowledge of research and study, redrawing the routes of knowledge consumption.  We are the proud creators and producers of Hikayat Simsim, the Jordanian version of Sesame Street, and work with a variety of partners to captivate and educate audiences worldwide.

Jordan Pioneers was founded in a world of knowledge saturation: more is known about the world than ever before, yet less information is actually retained or processed. To build a better informed public, Jordan Pioneers thus began combining critical research with universally engaging audiovisuals forms, creating projects at the border of entertainment and education. Our compelling stories allow facts to be more easily digested, while messages backed with memorable images have a more significant reach. It’s a true fusion that we seek, and it’s what we do best.

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